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Oral contraceptive pills make up the most popular group of medications that modern women use to control conception.

Yasmin Birth Control Pills

Simplicity of Use. The first advantage of these tablets is their convenient use. Tablets are used at the same time and they are conveniently separated from each other by the manufacturer, so that it would be impossible to confuse them when taking them. And in addition, when taking pills, a delay of one hour and up to 12 hours will not affect the effectiveness of the reception. In addition, Yasmin is taken in small doses and the effect of taking it is achieved due to the minimal effect of the actual clothing on your body.

100% Efficiency. The second and of course the most important thing is reliability! When taking Yasmin, the direct effect on the body is the control of unwanted pregnancy. But if, after all, a woman taking these birth control pills decides not to terminate pregnancy, the cancellation of the reception and the taking of pills itself will not affect the subsequent development of the child. This means that taking pills has reliability and safety both in the case of pregnancy control and in the case of continued pregnancy.

Additional Features. The third important advantage is an additional positive effect on the female body. The fact is that often taking such pills controlling pregnancy can cause undesirable side effects in the form of oily skin, hair loss, weight gain, depression and much more. And the technology of Yasmin tablets not only suppresses these undesirable actions, but at the expense of the ingredients included in the composition fights them. As a result, your body becomes less prone to side effects. About how to buy Yasmin pills or other birth control pills we will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages further.

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The hormonal contraceptive pill can safely be called a unique discovery of the twentieth century, which made a breakthrough in modern contraception. More than 50% of women in Europe and America prefer this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Most of all female patients are frightened by the word "hormonal", drawing the image of a "hairy fat girl" who will not be able to have any more children or will certainly get cancer. This fear comes from the past - from the 60-80's of the XX century, when there were 2-3 different drugs and the doses of hormones exceeded the modern ones by more than 2-5 times. Today there are more than 20 oral contraceptives (OC) with perfectly matched microdoses of synthetic hormones. Many of today's Yasmin are not just a means of preventing pregnancy, but also therapeutic drugs.

The principle of action of all oral contraceptives is that under their influence there is a blockade of ovulation, ie, the egg does not mature and does not go out of the ovary, respectively, sperm has nothing to fertilize, and pregnancy does not occur.

birth control jpg Can taking hormonal contraceptives lead to infertility? No, if a doctor prescribed contraceptives and prescribed the correct regimen of taking these drugs. The possibility to conceive is restored in 1 to 3 months after stopping the pills.

How long can I continue taking birth control pills without harming my body? If there are no contraindications to the use of birth control pills, a woman can use this method of protection against unwanted pregnancy for as long as she needs. Previously, it was believed that taking oral contraceptives requires a break, so that the ovaries "remember" their function. To date, there is no reliable statistical evidence that long-term use of OCs somehow negatively affects the reproductive system of women. On the contrary, there is evidence that breaks in taking birth control pills are a stress factor for the endocrine system, because they force the body to first take a period to adapt to the intake of OC, and then again to readjust to withdrawal of the drug.

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Is it necessary to change birth control pills periodically? If the drug, was properly selected by the gynecologist and justified its effect, it simply does not make sense to switch to another. It is reasonable to change the drug only if there were negative symptoms associated with the intake of OCs and they last more than three months from the beginning of the use of pills. It should be remembered that a visit to a gynecologist in this case is mandatory, because these symptoms may indicate not an individual intolerance to the hormonal contraceptive, but the presence of any gynecological disease.

What is the likelihood of gaining extra weight while taking Yasmin? A healthy woman who eats a sensible diet and leads an active lifestyle may safely take birth control pills without fear of spoiling her figure. The main thing is that before you start using hormonal contraception for the first time in your life, you must visit a gynecologist for consultation and undergo all the necessary tests (detailed family and personal history, measurement of atrial pressure, laboratory tests necessarily including an examination of blood clotting and hormonal background), gynecological examination (including pelvic ultrasound, oncocytology) and consultation with a mammologist.

Until what age can I take birth control pills? Age itself cannot be a contraindication for hormonal contraception. However, after the onset of menopause, when contraception is no longer required, it is not advisable to use these drugs, and sometimes even harmful to women's health. In the pre-menopausal period is also recommended, after consultation with a gynecologist, to replace conventional contraceptives with special hormones used to compensate for the lack of hormones, the production of which decreases significantly with age (so-called hormone replacement therapy (HRT)).

Proper selection of hormones in the period preceding menopause, allows the woman to feel healthy, confident, forget about the hot flashes and sudden mood swings that are characteristic of the perd menopausal period.

Yasmin - Most Popular Type of Contraception

Are the effects of oral contraceptives harmful to the fetus, if pregnancy occurs while taking them?
If the patient started taking oral contraceptives while pregnant and this lasted no more than the first month of pregnancy, they are completely safe for the unborn child. However, since in the sixth week of pregnancy, the fetus begins to form genitals that are sensitive to the effects of hormones, hormonal drugs can lead to certain disorders. In such cases, you should immediately consult a doctor.
Do oral contraceptives offer any protection against sexually transmitted diseases?
No, birth control pills of any kind do not protect in any way against sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. In this sense, this method of contraception is only suitable for women who have a regular sexual partner or who additionally use a condom. Only then is it possible to guarantee the actual safety of sexual intercourse.

How compatible are hormonal contraceptives with other medications?

The compatibility of drugs in each case may be different, and it is best determined by your doctor. Keeping this in mind, you should always tell the specialist who prescribes you a particular drug, that you are taking birth control pills, and vice versa, the gynecologist should be informed about the use of medicines.

If there is a single or short-term need to take a drug that is known to reduce the contraceptive properties of the pill, in this period it is recommended to use an additional method of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

In what situations are additional contraceptive methods necessary?

The need for additional contraception may arise, as we have already said, in the case of taking a number of drugs that reduce the contraceptive properties. In addition, the use of condoms is recommended in case of vomiting or diarrhea, which are caused by food poisoning. Hormones are poorly absorbed into a weakened body, so the likelihood of pregnancy noticeably increases.

In addition, it is recommended to use additional methods of contraception if you forget to take some pills. You should also use a condom if you have sex with a new partner, to ensure that you are protected from venereal diseases.

In what cases should I visit a gynecologist when taking hormonal contraceptives? In general, a woman should visit a gynecologist once every six months, and this applies to those who take the pill, as well as to those who do not use them. However, if there are any unusual phenomena (for example, the appearance of spotting from the vagina), and especially if there is pain in the abdomen, you should visit a gynecologist unscheduled.


Additional information

If no more than 24 hours have passed since the missed intake time, you should take the pill as soon as you remember about it.

Delay of less than one day:

  • If no more than 24 hours have passed since the missed intake time, you should take the pill as soon as you remember about it. At the same time, you do not need additional protective measures or the use of emergency contraceptive measures.

Delay of less than two days (from 24 to 48 hours):

  • Take the missed dose as early as possible. Continue taking the remaining pills as recommended by your doctor. In other words, it may happen that you have to take two pills at once. In most cases, you do not need additional protective measures or the use of emergency contraceptive measures. Carefully read the instructions for your drug to finally make sure of this.

Delay of more than three days (more than 48 hours):

  • Take the last missed dose as early as possible. Continue taking the remaining pills as recommended by your doctor. In the case of a sexual relationship, you need to use other types of contraception, for example, a condom, an IUD, and so on, for 7-10 days. Think about using emergency contraception measures.

If you missed more than three pills during the third week, stop taking the hormonal drugs left in the package and throw out the substitutes. The next day you need to start taking pills from a new blister.

Summing up:

You should understand that timely use of contraceptives in accordance with the doctor's recommendations is the key to your protection. If you missed one or two pills, be sure to take them regardless of the remaining number of pills. After skipping taking three pills, you will have to start the procedure again, getting rid of substitutes. In addition, you may need to use emergency contraception measures.

The correct intake of pills is very important, and you take all necessary measures to clearly follow the instructions of your doctor.

yasmin birth control pillsYasmin is a low-dose monophasic combined contraceptive agent. Its contraceptive effect is manifested by excluding ovulation and changing the characteristics of the cervical contents. Drospirenone shows anti-mineralocorticoid (prevents the occurrence of edema and weight gain) and anti-androgenic effects (reduces the severity of acne and seborrhea).

The drug provides regularity to the menstrual cycle, reduces the pain and volume of menstrual blood loss, contributes to the prevention of iron deficiency anemia, and reduces the percentage of pelvic cancer. It is a good contraceptive that has a positive cosmetic result. I recommend Yasmin to my patients with SPCA and disorders of OMC (including infertility endocrine factor) for the treatment of uncomplicated forms of endometrial hyperplasia.

It is available on the pharmaceutical market as a 1-month package and for 3 months of treatment, which allows you to save money. It has a reasonable price compared to analogues and is available in most pharmacy chains. One of the frequent complaints of patients is a decrease in libido.


The prices of birth control pills vary widely. Of course, women do not always understand why some drugs are cheap, and some are much more expensive, and most importantly which one to prefer.

If you decide to drink birth control pills, reviews of which you have read on the Internet or heard from friends, you risk getting a whole bunch of side effects.

In this situation, the right decision would be to delegate the choice to your gynecologist, who knows exactly all the nuances of the composition and action of the drug. Only a doctor should pick up birth control pills!

We ask you to approach the choice of birth control pills wisely, of course you can order on our website without a prescription, but our website strongly recommends that you consult a doctor before applying.